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30 Day Fitness Challenge is where I am at today. Setting myself short term goals, which in turn enable me to reach my long term goals is something I find that keeps my fitness journey interesting.

Taking up a challenge is also a good way of staying focused and motivated.  Once the decision is made I want to get stuck in as soon as possible.

With all this in mind I have decided I am going to do a 30 day challenge starting Friday  yes that’s right I am starting on a Friday and not waiting for next Monday even though everyone knows that Mondays are the day for starting something new (apparently it’s the law!).

When this challenge was set, I was not ready to take it due to just having my first child. But I am now getting back into my fitness seriously.

So far I have lost 8lbs but feel I need an extra push.  The workouts are great because they are provided free of charge, you need very little, if any, equipment, they only take 12 minutes each and they are high intensity, which is exactly what I feel will complement my weight lifting. These workouts are no longer available but I am searching for some others I can do myself and share with you.

So wish me luck and if you are in the mood join me.

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