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Day 1 Fitness Test

So I started the 30 day challenge today with the fitness test and let me tell you it is tough!! The test is no longer available on the Internet but I will look for something similar to share with you.

It is only 12 minutes long and I needed to do some of the modified exercises as I couldn’t do all the suggested ones.  But I was sweating and panting like crazy – once I had showered I felt amazing and it reminded me why I love being fit.

So with renewed motivation I say bring on tomorrow.

Here are my scores – if you decide to start the challenge please share your scores with me in the comments. Jumps: 27

Push Ups (on my knees): 22

Burpees: 11

High Knees:  80

Lunges: 22

Prisoner Jumps: 35

Tricep Dips (knees bent): 20

Straight Abs (legs not elevated): 14

I walked the stairs a few times and completed a couple of each exercise to warm up.  This workout required only a gymboss interval timer, a chair to do the tricep dips on and a bed to tuck my feet under in order to do the straight abs.

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