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We all have our reasons for wanting to get fit and healthy. It may be that you want to fit into, or back into, clothes in your wardrobe, or you want to look good naked, or maybe you desire more energy for getting through your day or simply getting out of bed in the morning, or it could be for health reasons.

All of these reasons and in fact any reason is a legitimate one for making your health a priority and making a start towards a fitter and happier you.

If all those reasons ring a bell with you, then perhaps you need to think about what is stopping you.  Are you waiting for next Monday, Christmas and New Year, your birthday, a very specific sequence of events or a special sign…..

Waiting for a sign

Waiting for a sign (Photo credit: sve-fre)

Motivation is what gets us started, so finding some motivation is what will give you that push in the right direction.  Getting started is the first step towards your end goal and while it is good to have you end goal in mind, in order to get there it is important to set small motivational tasks along the way.

These small tasks are what will keep you at it during the weeks and months it may take to reach your goal.  And the honest fact is that a healthy eating / fitness routine is not just for summer, holidays, Christmas or New Year, it is a way of life, so don’t rush it.

Every time you achieve one of your small goals think of a suitable reward, it may be a relaxing bath, a trip to the cinema, a new piece of clothing, or a nice meal.  But whatever it is, focus on the fact that you can achieve what you set out to do and be pleased with yourself.

One way to make setting and achieving your goals easier is to make use of motivational tools.  One tool that I use is a motivation chart where I record what my workouts and eating habits have been like for the day.  When I get to the end of the week I can quickly review how I have done, seeing my whole week over-viewed helps me work out where changes may be needed.  If you want a motivation chart of your own go here and read up about procrastination and download a chart to colour in (it’s at the bottom of the page and looks like a palm tree).  I have mine on my workout room wall so I can easily record what workouts I have completed.

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